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Ed Sheeran - Even My Dad Does Sometimes

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Beginning tomorrow, I’ll be taking a 50 day trip in partnership with the United Nations, supported by the Secretary General’s MDG Advocacy Group. I’ll be posting portraits and stories from the trip on the blog. We’re calling it a ‘World Tour,’ because the trip will span over 25,000 miles and circumnavigate the globe. But since there are only ten countries on the itinerary, it would be rather foolish to claim that these portraits and stories somehow represent ‘the world,’ or humanity as a whole. The point of the trip is not to “say” anything about the world. But rather to visit some faraway places, and listen to as many people as possible. 
In addition to gathering portraits and stories, the purpose of the tour is to raise awareness for the Millennium Development Goals, which are pictured. The MDG’s are eight international development goals that every member state of the UN agreed we should accomplish by the year 2015. Basically: they’re stuff that everyone can agree the world needs. (More info can be found here: So in addition to telling stories of individuals, we hope this trip may in some way help to inspire a global perspective, while bringing awareness to the challenges that we all need to tackle together. Hope you enjoy.
Which Is the Best John le Carré Novel?



David Denby on “A Perfect Spy”:

“Most centrally, le Carré has written a book about England from the twenties to the seventies, particularly the upper-middle-class values and tone of those years, which he presents as a strange, semi-fathomable mixture of piety and…

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Killer combo

Guided by Voices / Speedy Ortiz gig poster by Chris Wojcicki


Alter Ego, Intergalatic, 2014

Garance Dore print *Dressed

Artist Name: Iris Nair